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What Services we Provide for Our Customers


Includes career counseling for students - campus to corporate, and corporate to corporate training.


Bringing the HRM of different firms on track by prociding them organized Human Resource structure including other services such as talent hunting, payroll management, and more.

Aviation Services

Training aspiring candidates for all kind of situations- exclusive information and insights directly from industry experts.


Who We Are

We are working since 2018 in providing Business & consulting services World Wide

We can be your game changer-Splendid and Strategic Human Resource Management System. We are a technologically driven human resource service company- We are handled by specialists with extensive professional knowledge and training. We offer a legal framework, talent acquisition, payroll management, and training services as an all-inclusive shop for human resources services to various sectors and functional positions. We know the labor laws passed by the federal government, numerous public bodies, the union territories, and local governments, in addition to their commonalities, disparities, and administrative subtleties.

We Run all kinds of Business & Financial Services That view your success.

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Why Black Top India?

 People management affects an organization’s productivity, strategy implementation, and protracted revenue. Our all-embracing HR Management Solutions at Black Top India HRM Services Pvt Ltd. specifically address this and revolutionize how HR services are provided. Although these approaches result in cost savings, increased efficiency, and enhanced quality, our heftier effort focuses on improving organizational efficiency rather than refining.

Our Case Studies

We have 35+ years of experience consulting services

Our agency can only be as strong as our people our team follwing agenhave run their businesses designed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your HR department can be substituted by a PEO like Black Top India., which manages the majority of both the intricate and time-consuming HR responsibilities. Human resource management professionals with extensive training may handle various tasks. This enables companies to concentrate their efforts on their goods and services. This improves your efficiency while also being more practical and cost-effective.

As worksite employers, your business will continue supervising employees' daily tasks and activities. 

As a co-employer, Black Top India is in charge of many administrative aspects of human resources. This includes managing W-2s for workers, payroll processing, tax preparation and filing, and employee benefits administration. 

Yes, Black Top India can address any of the aforementioned issues as well as others. 

Simply advise our human resources personnel that you can access your personal account to read and print paystubs as well as to update your personal and tax information. 

Your employees can now ask questions that would previously be sent to your HR Department.

Yes, we can provide you with information over the phone or online for immediate access. 

If you need assistance using the online resources, contact a human resources specialist at Black Top India.

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